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You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of OpenAI. The Artificial Intelligence phenomenon has gripped everyone around the Internet. People have been pouring in millions to try out their hands on the newly introduced chatbot ChatGPT.

However, recently it was disclosed that the AI company has made perhaps the biggest domain name acquisition that the company would have hoped for. The Company has acquired the domain name

The deal

The popular chatbot ChatGPT is currently available at the domain name, or to be more precise However, this can change in the near future as the company has an even better domain name in was previously owned by Michael Mann, a well-known domain investor and entrepreneur. Michael Mann reportedly acquired the domain name for $750,000 in 1999, making it one of the most expensive domain name purchases of that time. It’s unclear when exactly Michael Mann sold the domain to OpenAI or for how much, as the financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Some sources are claiming the amount to be $11 million. A user tweeted, ‘OpenAi bought for $11M. You’re right, domains are worthless.’ The last bit of the tweet might be aimed towards those with a bearish approach towards the Domain Name Industry.

Regardless of the acquisition amount, is now a valuable asset for OpenAI as it provides the organisation with a strong online presence and brand identity in the field of artificial intelligence. is a premium domain name that is short, memorable, and highly relevant to OpenAI’s mission and focus on AI.

As a premium domain name, is considered to be extremely valuable due to its short and easy-to-remember nature, as well as its high search engine optimization potential. It is likely that OpenAI will use the domain name to promote its brand and showcase its expertise in the field of AI, as well as to share information and resources related to AI development. is a valuable asset for OpenAI, as it provides the organisation with a strong online presence and a recognizable brand identity in the increasingly competitive field of AI research and development.


OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research organisation founded in 2015 by a group of tech leaders including Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and others. The company’s mission is to develop advanced AI technologies and ensure that they are used in a safe and responsible manner for the betterment of society.

OpenAI conducts research in a variety of AI-related fields, including natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. The organisation is known for its cutting-edge research and has made significant contributions to the development of deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms, which are used in many applications today.

The company has received significant funding from investors and partners, and its work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. OpenAI has also collaborated with many leading tech companies and research institutions, including Microsoft, Amazon, and MIT, among others.


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    Due to their brevity and rarity, two-letter .com domain names are considered to be among the holy grail of domains within the industry. Only 676 possible combinations exist and they have all been long registered, meaning the only way to acquire one is to pay a premium on the aftermarkets. According to NameBio(Opens in a new tab) and DNJournal(Opens in a new tab), two websites that track public domain sales, even the most random two-letter .com combination has not sold for less than a minimum of $100,000 over at least the past decade. Last year’s top two-letter domain sale, in a new tab), was acquired for $3.8 million.

  2. […] The transfer of from OpenAI to xAI marks a turning point in the ongoing AI race. Elon Musk’s latest move underscores his ambition to position xAI as a formidable contender in the realm of artificial intelligence. With the domain’s history of redirections, acquisitions, and enigmatic ownership, it has become a symbol of the fierce competition and intrigue that define the AI landscape. As both xAI and OpenAI vie for AI supremacy, the future promises to be an exciting and transformative era in the world of technology and artificial intelligence.Related: OPENAI ACQUIRES AI.COM […]

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