OilersNation.com goes through parent change

OilerNation.com,the popular platform dedicated for the National Hockey League (NHL) team, Edmonton Oilers, went through a change in its parent company. 

The parent company The Nation Network has been acquired by sports media company Playmaker. Thus, the platform and the domain name OilersNation.com also belong to PlayMaker now. 

Edmonton Oilers plays in the NHL and has been operating on the website NHL.com/Oilers. The domain name EdmontonOilers.com also redirects to the same. 

The name OilersNation.com seems to be derived from two sources. One, of it being dedicated to the Edmonton Oilers teams. And second, can be attributed to its former parent company of the Nation Network. Combining the both,renders the perfect name that serves the fandom purpose as well as association to the founding company perfectly. 

Ice Hockey is a craze in North America. So much so that the sport has been declared as the National Winter Sports of Canada. The National Hockey League is one of the most important events related to the sport, played between different teams from the US and Canada.

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