Nigeria’s IT Development Agency’s green flag to .ng adoption policy

In a previous post we talked about the Nigerian Government’s new policy on the Government adoption of .ng  domain names. The Government had announced that all Government officials in the Country would have to use domain names and emails that belong to  .ng domain names. No third party domain names and email Ids would be used for official communication in Government offices. 

Following this order, the National Information Technology Development Agency has now given its consent for the implementation of the new policy. Following this, a 14 person committee has been established to monitor the successful implementation of the policy. NITDA is a statutory body that has the power to allocate and administer Second-level governmental .ng domains such as,, and Government officials can use these Second level domains to establish a reliant and trustworthy digital ecosystem in Nigeria. 

After the cases of massive leaks by big companies providing Email services started coming, a feeling of insecurity creeped up in businesses and Governments over the confidentiality of the email exchanges between them. Also, there was negligence towards the email used by retired officials. The email ids used to be active even after the retirement Of officials, which is a possible window for malicious players to come and exploit the sensitive information. 

The adoption of domestic extension by officials to insure trustworthiness is laudable, however there are certain impediments to the execution of the policy. While 99% of the federal government’s officials have adopted the change, reception is not as affluent in lower levels of Nigerian governance. 80% of the State and the Local officials have not yet aligned their digital arms in line with the change. The next step of the Nigerian ccTLD would be to reach here. 


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