Nigeria imposes restrictions on email Ids used by Government Officials

The Nigerian Government has taken a very unique and bold action against the email Ids used by Government officials. Popular platforms like, and are popular in Nigeria and so with the Government officials. The Nigerian Government has decided to completely ban such email ids, which includes the domain name of popular companies.

Government has decided this based on multiple reasons. The Government stated that many cases have been found where Government officials used email Ids of such companies. When these officials retire, they still possess these email Ids. However, these email Ids do not get cancelled and officials continue to use it even after retirement. This can be extremely harmful as such email Ids contain many important sensitive documents. Also, it doesn’t project the image of the country in a positive way, as even the Government officials use the email Ids provided by a foreign company for conversations, instead of using email Ids of their own national ccTLD.

Government has asked the employees to only use email Ids that contain either a .ng domain name or a domain name. Such email Ids will not only increase the trustworthiness of an email Id but will also contribute to the building of a national image online. Such domain names can be controlled by the Government and hence also the email Ids consequently.

Nigeria has been struggling with its ccTLD. Although the country has a huge population, .ng domain names are still not that popular. The reason behind this is the massive popularity of .com domain names. Nigerians prefer to opt for a .com domain name instead of a domestic .ng. Another reason could also be high prices related to the .ng as compared to a gTLD such as .com.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The development comes close on the heels of concerns that some civil servants have inadvertently transmitted sensitive government data and information through their own free email addresses which poses national security challenges. Security is a great concern for a government body. The security breach is a national issue. The Nigerian government has done a great job by applying a ban on specific email ids.

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