.ng domains gain slightly amid discounts

In a previous post we talked about the fall in the number of .ng domains. We also talked about how Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) had announced huge price cuts on .ng domains. It appears that the efforts of NiRA have bore results. 

NiRA has released their latest figures, for the performance of .ng in the month of February. The net registrations for .ng increased from 178,079 in January 2022 to 178,755 in February. The volume of increase in domains is still pretty small to call it the revival of the ccTLD. However, it does indicate a much needed recovery. The figures had been diving since November last year. This is the first time since November, that the net registrations number found an uptick. 

This slight increase has been a result of an efficient management, planning and execution by the NiRA. They fought hard to reverse the falling numbers. A discount of 40% was given to boost the numbers. This can be clearly seen by the pattern of their registrations. 

The biggest contributor for the ccTLD has been its Second-level domain registrations. In the month of February, Third-level domains took a hit when compared to figures from the previous month. January showed 124,080 Third-level registrations, while the figure dropped to 122,564 in February. It was the rise of Second-level .ng domains that propelled the net total gain in domain registrations for the month of February. As compared to 53,999 Second-level registrations in January, February witnessed a marvelous 56,191 registrations. The discounts by NiRA had a big role in this jump. 

The increase in figures might appear small in numbers but there are little technicalities as well. When these technicalities are considered, the increase would appear a strong one. We hope that NiRA and .ng maintains and continues the growth. 


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