Major price cuts in .ng domains

There is going to be huge cuts in the price of .ng domain names. The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has announced that the prices of .ng domain names would be reduced by a whooping 40% from now on. This drop in the price of the ccTLD of Nigeria, was a result of the assessment of its growth trajectory over the past two years. The President of NiRA announced this in Lagos.

The reason behind this is the drop in .ng registration at the beginning of the year. Domain name registration in .ng fell from 184,341 in November 2021 to 178,097 in January 2022. This drop made the association rethink about the domain name’s growth and mode of operations prospects.

The association finally decided on reducing the prices of .ng domain names by a substantial margin. That ‘substantial’ turned out to be 40%. The reason behind this step was to increase the penetration of .ng domain names into every strata of businesses and individuals. NiRA wants .ng to become the identity of Nigeria and that can be only achieved when everyone has access to it. Hence, the prices were reduced.

The reason for the drop in figures for the domain names was attributed to the pandemic. The association said that with the pandemic many businesses who had registered their domain names could not use them. Their physical location was closed due to lockdown and without it they had no business. These people did not renew their domain names. The fall in numbers was largely due to this factor.

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