sold for $15 million!

The domain name industry finally has something to rejoice upon. It has been reported that the domain name has been sold for $15 million. With this multi-million dollar deal, the domain name has become the second highest publicly reported domain sale till date. Second only to

The name of the buyer of the domain name hasn’t been announced yet. But we know that the buyer has some association with another domain name, as it has been mentioned in the website at the domain name. The website currently has NFTS.COM written in Bold fonts, with ‘Powered by Marketplace’ written below it. It has also been mentioned that the deal has been brokered via

This deal is significant as it depicts the scenario of the present times. NFTs and Blockchain associated assets are getting popular day by day. However, the Blockchain domain still has a lot of catching up to do as compared to the conventional domain names. In such cases, Crypto related names are quite popular in the Domain Name market.

The association of with the acquisition leaves little doubt as to what the domain name would be used for. The domain name would be deployed for developing a marketplace for digital artworks. This could certainly be a future competition to monopolistic control that Open Sea currently has in the NFT marketplace.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    A domain is a huge asset and provides enormous of potential given the emergence of NFTs in recent years.

    NFTs have taken the Web3 space to a new level, as they also parallelly support the metaverse economy, the P2E gaming sector, and several other aspects of the ecosystem.

    It is possible to host a site on an NFT Domain Name and also to host e-mail on an NFT Domain Name (although only . crypto is currently supported for email).

  2. Larry Colt Avatar

    I am blown away by the $15 million sale of the domain name! This is a major development in the world of NFTs and shows the growing popularity of blockchain-based assets. It’s also interesting to see that the buyer has ties to, indicating that the domain will be used to build a marketplace for digital art. Overall, this is a huge moment for the domain name industry and the adoption of NFTs.

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