New Zealand’s End Mandates campaign domain linked with Canada

Coronavirus is in its receding phase. Multiple variants have come across with Omicron being the latest addition to the growing list. Although it is advised to maintain all the necessary precautions, it can’t be denied that the virus’ fear and impact has come down. The Governments of many countries have laid down strict covid regulations. People however, have grown tired of having to follow these endless Covid regulations.

New Zealand’s government has brought the Mandate System and Vaccine Pass to counter the upsurge of Omicron Cases. Mandate System refers to the system of mandatory vaccination. While the Vaccine Pass is a certificate that establishes the carrier’s vaccination status. Although these provisions seem logical and just considering the seriousness of the virus’ impact, it hasn’t gone down well with many.

People see it as an invasion of their free will. They argue that how can the Government force them to inject some medicine into their body. As a result, protests of different kinds have been announced. One of the protests in New Zealand is being carried on through the domain name The domain name asked people to gather around the Parliament and protest PEACEFULLY.

However, some interesting information came out from the domain name. When the WhoIs information of the domain name was checked, it showed that the domain name was registered in Canada. This seems a bit odd, as why would the domain name of a political protest based in NZ would be registered in Canada? The domain name was registered by Tucows Inc., which is also a Canadian firm. The registrant’s information can’t be gathered as it is privacy protected.

There can be various possible reasons for this. Claiming some political ill will would be too far fetched. However, this does seem a little odd. Canada, herself has been facing similar protests. With the Prime Minister even announcing an Emergency. In spite of these protests, the heads of governments are in no mood of easing down the restriction until the Omicron cases dips.


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