West Virginia University’s Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) has launched a new website,, to provide more information in a user-friendly layout. The redesigned website aims to enhance educational opportunities for all students with disabilities, in line with the OAS mission. 

The website offers various disability-related resources and information on the accommodation process, laws and regulations, and services units, including assistive technology and testing centres. The website also provides information on public events and accessibility, student and faculty resources, and Vanguard programs such as the Autism Support Program and Accessibility Student Advisory Group.

Enhancing Accessibility and Promoting Inclusivity

The new website reflects the OAS strategic plan to promote accessibility campus-wide and enhance inclusivity. The website aims to promote engagement and provide information on how to implement accommodations in the classroom. The student and faculty resource pages are designed to answer common questions and direct users toward the various resources available through OAS. The OAS also plans to expand its library of digital resources over time, including white papers, videos, and training materials to support accommodation implementation and foster an inclusive learning environment for all Mountaineers.

Sensitizing Issues Related to Specially Abled People

The new website launched by WVU’s OAS is an essential step towards sensitising issues related to specially-abled people. It not only highlights the importance of accessibility for students with disabilities but also shows a commitment to inclusivity. The redesigned website aims to provide students and faculty with a better understanding of the accommodation process and the services available to support them. It also fosters a sense of community by providing resources and information on campus and community contacts, scholarships, and public events.

Learning from WVU’s Office of Accessibility Services

Other institutions worldwide can learn from WVU’s Office of Accessibility Services and their new website launch. It’s crucial to recognize the importance of accessibility and inclusivity for students with disabilities. The OAS’s approach to providing resources and information in a user-friendly layout can serve as a model for other institutions looking to enhance educational opportunities for all students. Additionally, OAS’s focus on engagement and expanding their library of digital resources highlights the importance of continually improving accessibility services and promoting inclusivity.


  1. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    West Virginia University’s Office of Accessibility Services has launched a redesigned website aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for students with disabilities. The website offers disability-related resources, information on accommodations, laws and regulations, and student and faculty resources. The website reflects the OAS’s strategic plan to promote accessibility and inclusivity campus-wide, and can serve as a model for other institutions looking to improve their accessibility services.

  2. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    This is a great initiative towards promoting inclusivity and diversity in society. By creating a platform to showcase the abilities and contributions of individuals with special abilities, this website is helping to break down barriers and stereotypes. The website’s design and user experience are excellent and will undoubtedly enhance the user’s interaction with the content and the brand. The website’s interactive features and educational resources will also help to raise awareness and understanding of special abilities and how to support and include individuals with special abilities in society. Kudos to the team behind this initiative for creating a fantastic website and making a positive impact on society.

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