Musk’s OpenAi commercialises a tool that was previously claimed too dangerous

As of 14th June, 2020

After launching two astronauts into space Elon Musk is again making news. But perhaps, this time not in such a positive way. Elon Musk has co-founded an Artificial Intelligence company called OpenAI. This company is doing something that it itself claimed was too dangerous.

OpenAI is launching an API that understands words and can do complex operations on what it reads. As for example, in the demo video by OpenAI the API is asked ‘Why is the bread so fluffy’ and from a Wikipedia page on Bread it finds out the section where it is explained how bread is made. It is still difficult to explain what the API can do as it depends upon what you want it to do. However, it is able to match the language and writing style of the George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’. It was this range and scope of capabilities that made it too dangerous.

The company has thus released the tech as an API in a private beta instead of open source model. This case is of special notice as Elon was one of the most vocal voices on the negative effects of AI. People haven’t yet forgotten his claims that AI would take over humanity eventually as we can’t compete with them. Well, happened to that now?


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