Microsoft, the most impersonated brand name

As everyone’s dependency on the internet increased due to global lockdowns, the scammers found a haven in this pandemic. As new people embraced the cyberworld, the fraudsters got hold of easy prey, to lure them into their trap. And it appears imitating brands like Microsoft has been their primary arsenal. 

A report by Check Point Research, states that Microsoft has been the most impersonated brand in the third quarter of 2021 related to phishing attacks. Microsoft was at the top of the charts in the previous quarter as well. Although, the percentage has come down from 45% to 29%.

The second spot is occupied by Amazon, with a 13% share of all phishing attacks. This quarter also marks entrants in the top 10 list, from social media sectors, which includes WhatsApp and LinkedIn

A phishing attack is an online scam where scammers try to make you click a link that seems very similar to popular brands. The scammers use a similar Domain Name or a similar Email Id to lure people, who think they are reaching the original websites. The phishing name has almost the same name as the original website with a few differences in characters making the distinction indistinguishable.


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