Meritto: The Trustworthy and Transformative Evolution of NoPaperForms

NoPaperForms, a pioneering force in transforming the enrollment technology landscape, has recently made a momentous announcement that it will be rebranding itself as Meritto. This evolution comes as the company celebrates six years of revolutionizing the admissions process. The grand unveiling took place at Meritto’s Head Office in Gurugram, in the presence of esteemed industry leaders such as Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder and Executive VC at InfoEdge, and Dinesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO at IndiaMART.

A Journey of Transformation

NoPaperForms started with a visionary goal of revolutionizing the traditional and complex admissions processes. Over time, it has grown into an Operating System for Student Recruitment and Enrollment. Now, as Meritto, the brand reaffirms its unwavering commitment to trust, accomplishment, and transformation. With this rebranding, Meritto aspires to reach new heights in its mission to redefine the educational landscape.

Expanding Influence and Impact

Since its inception in 2017, NoPaperForms, now known as Meritto, has made significant strides in the education sector. Its product portfolio has expanded to cater to various segments within the industry, including Higher-Education Universities and Institutions, EdTech Companies, K12 Schools, Study Abroad Organizations, and Coaching & Training Businesses. Meritto has facilitated an impressive 1 billion student engagements, managed 100 million student inquiries, and processed an average of 5 million applications annually for over 1000 education organizations worldwide.

Naveen Goyal, the Founder and CEO at Meritto, expressed the rationale behind the rebranding, saying, “By embracing this new identity, we are recognizing the fact that we have grown beyond being a provider of a compelling product. We have listened to our customers, who have witnessed our dedication and experienced our commitment firsthand. They have consistently emphasized that our previous name failed to encapsulate the depth and breadth of our work. This rebranding is our response—an endeavor to truly represent the purpose-built, unified, and transformative solutions we offer, the trust we have earned, and our global aspirations.”

Industry Leaders Express Optimism and Support

Sanjeev Bikhchandani shared his optimistic outlook on the future of Meritto, stating, “As long as a company continues to grow profitably and reaches a certain minimum size, the possibility of going public is not far away. I look forward to witnessing Meritto’s growth on this path.” Dinesh Agarwal applauded Meritto’s diverse product portfolio and expressed his wish for the company to become a global admissions partner.

Embracing the Future as Meritto

With the rebranding to Meritto, the company sets a clear course for its future endeavors. By combining its deep industry expertise and innovative solutions, Meritto aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the educational technology sector. As it continues to expand its platform and venture into new markets, Meritto’s commitment to trust, accomplishment, and transformation remains unwavering.

To learn more about Meritto and explore its range of transformative solutions, visit their official website.


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