Lamborghini’s $100,000 Lawsuit: The Domain Name Controversy of speedsters

In the heart of Nashville’s vibrant business scene, a legal clash of epic proportions has been quietly unfolding. It involves one of the world’s most renowned luxury automakers, Lamborghini, and a local car dealer, Velocity Motorcars. This isn’t just any feud; it’s a high-octane showdown that has set the city abuzz. Buckle up as we take you on a thrilling ride through a story that pits corporate giants against each other, with reputations, trademarks, and millions of dollars on the line. Welcome to the Lamborghini vs. Velocity Motorcars saga.

The Domain That Started It All

The saga began in August 2021 when Lamborghini set its sights on a seemingly innocuous internet domain: John Pasas, the owner of Velocity Motorcars, had been the steward of this domain since 2011. However, Lamborghini wasn’t content with letting this domain remain in his possession. They sent a cease-and-desist letter, requesting that Pasas relinquish control.

A Firm Stand and Legal Consequences

In a bid to protect his ownership of the domain, Pasas responded to Lamborghini’s letter, expressing his reluctance to hand over the digital property. This set the stage for a legal showdown. Lamborghini cited past cases where domain owners had been made to pay hefty fines for failing to transfer domains. For instance, the owner of had to part with over $130,000.

The World Intellectual Property Organization’s Verdict

The conflict reached an international level when an administrative panel from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency, took a closer look. In May 2022, the WIPO panel ruled that Pasas had registered and used the domain name in bad faith. They noted that Pasas’ response indicated an intention to negotiate and sell the domain name for a profit, which was a decisive factor in their decision.

As a result, Velocity Motorcars was ordered to transfer the domain name to Lamborghini. This marked a significant victory for the Italian automaker in their quest to regain control of their online brand presence.

The Countermove:

Velocity Motorcars, however, wasn’t ready to give up entirely. In response to the WIPO panel’s decision, they registered the domain name, which now redirects visitors to their own website. This move not only raised eyebrows but also led to another chapter in this legal saga.

Lamborghini’s Lawsuit and Allegations

Lamborghini escalated the conflict further by filing a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee in September 2023. In their legal action, they accused Velocity of trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and “cybersquatting.” Lamborghini argued that the use of was likely to confuse consumers and harm their brand reputation. They also claimed that Velocity was wrongfully using Lamborghini’s trademarks in their garage and social media posts, creating a false impression of an affiliation.

As part of their case, Lamborghini included exhibits such as Pasas’ initial response, the cease-and-desist letter, and the WIPO panel’s decision.

The Road Ahead

At this point, Velocity Motorcars has not yet responded in court, leaving us with an open-ended legal battle. The outcome of this lawsuit will not only have financial implications for both parties but also set a precedent in the complex world of domain name disputes.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the significance of domain names in today’s digital landscape. It showcases how these seemingly small assets can become a focal point of legal tussles, with consequences that go far beyond the virtual world. As we await the next twist in this story, it’s clear that the world of domain names is as dynamic and competitive as ever, with each click and keystroke carrying the potential for significant legal and financial ramifications.



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