KPMG’s purchase of a NFT and a new Ethereum Domain Name

KPMG Canada is a Global Accounting Firm. It provides Audit, Tax, and Advisory services and is a Canadian Leader in it. The company has recently invested in two crypto assets. One is an NFT while the other is an Ethereum Domain Name.

The company has purchased a World of Women #2681 NFT. It is a picture of a woman who is blue in colour and has maroon wavy hair. She is wearing a half black, half white topwear. She’s also sporting two star-shaped earrings. The NFT was purchased at the price of 25 ETH, which equals to $70,000 (as of now). Along with it KPMG has also purchased the Ethereum Domain Name KPMGca.eth.

KPMG’s purchase of an Ethereum Domain Name is significant because of its history with the domain name. While checking out the home domain name of KPMG I found something very interesting. The domain name was Home.KPMG. Yes, they have their own Top-Level Domain!

Back in 2013, it decided to leave .com and work on an extension of its own. Getting it is kind of supercool. They can add all their subsidiaries as the second level domain. They get to be at the root of the internet, for God’s sake!

And now, they have bought an Ethereum Domain Name. This gives a broader picture of where the domain name industry is headed.


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