Jewish name of Elon Musk like character causes uproar

Elon Musk’s popularity never seems to be weakening, just like his stocks. The guy is all over the place. And even when he is not, his name still seems to find a way to the headlines! 

A play named ‘Rare Earth Mettle‘ was being shown in London’s  Royal Court Theatre. The play has garnered wide attention over its character and it’s choice of name. The play shows a character that is very similar to Elon Musk. The character proposes to solve the problems of the world, manufactures Electric Vehicles and becomes very rich in the process. However, the name he has been awarded was Hershel Fink. This is a predominantly Jewish Name

There has been a severe backlash over the use of the Jewish name. People link it to Anti-semitism and have condemned the naming. The name is supposedly carrying on the old and hurting stereotype of Jews being rich and evil. 

Following the incident, the theatre has apologized for the incident. They have renamed the character to the new name of Henry Finn.

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