’s branding in the London Domain Name summit

Domain Name enthusiasts across the world are excited. London Domain Summit has been announced, which will bring domain name investors, brokers, lawyers and hosting providers across the world to network with each other.

The event has been organised at perhaps the best domain name they could have got. It is Summit.London. Another interesting thing about the event is its Presenting Sponsor. will be seen in that role at the London summit. 

There are many Reasons for this. The first one being branding, the second being the Sponsorship publicity and monetary profits derived from this event. 

By presenting a summit bringing people of the domain name industry, can present itself as a more serious brand. It can cement its position from just another Start-up to a prominent domain name firm. 

By getting the Sponsorship rights the brand will have ample amount of advertisements. Domain name investors across the world would come and see the name repeatedly, this is bound to make a mark about the company in their heads. 

At the summit’s website there are different lounges and tables than can be booked. Among these the most luxurious and perhaps the costliest lounge belongs PRESENTING SPONSOR LOUNGE. Since is at that position it won’t be unlikely to guess that the company would get benefits from there as well. provides third level domain names under extension. The company aims to provide an alternative to the already crowded and congested .com space.


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