Would you buy third level .it.com domain names?

It seems like a long time ago when only the .com domain name was desirable. A number of different extensions have come up, with even the introduction of blockchain domain names. The choices and the industry itself, is ever evolving and expanding. So, would you try something different?  Like choosing a third level domain name?

Intis Telecom is, as of now, selling multiple third level .it.com domain names. You can choose your desired name, such as for example, MyName.it.com. These names are all available at Get.it.com.

There are several reasons why you should go for a third level .it.com domain name. The commonality and universal acceptance of the domain name .it.com. It is a short and concise name, addition of which would not enlarge your name by much and could hence be easily memorable. The presence of the .com extension is also a positive as you would not lose traffic because of it. 

The name could especially be beneficial to you if you or your business are based in Italy or work primarily in Information Technology. If your business name ends in an ‘it’, then these names could be an elegant identity to your name. You can even make some quirky names ending with it, which could give another layer of meaning to your names. 

So, what do you think? Would you buy a third level .it.com domain name? Answer us in the comments.


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