In a roaring support for Women Empowerment, Indian Women get their own TLD

Women issues are getting more highlight, coverage and understandability that was never seen before. The half of the population that was for long been marginalised, is getting its voice politically, economically and socially. Adding to this revolution, has been another major development, this time from our sisters in India.

Agaamin, has launched a new TLD exclusively for Indian Women. Beginning from this Women’s Day, Indian Women can begin registering their .???. The TLD is actually the Flag of India and a Women Emoji besides it. The Indian flag is equivalent to the ?? mark and has auto-converted to it.

This domain is on the decentralised web. Thus, you could also see it as an investment in an NFT. You can register your unique domain name that could be your cool identity on the Web3. Imagine how much confidence and self-boost would a domain name with this TLD  give you and your brand worldwide.

You can check Agaamin’s platform here. Agaamin has been working actively in the Indian domain name space, you can read our posts related to it here. It has launched several of cool, unique and disrupting new Indian TLDs like .भ, .ভ and now .???. Hope the extension gets love , support and shoutouts from all the amazing ladies out there.


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