ICANN’s new root servers to boost internet connectivity in Africa

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is going to install two new root servers in Africa. One is going to be established in Kenya, while the other partner is still to be decided. This move is going to help a huge and fastly growing population of internet users in the continent. This brings in hope as it being the first-of-its-kind step.

Root Server installation helps in broadly two ways. The first and primary effect is a smoother internet experience. With the installation of root servers a user’s queries can be answered locally and doesn’t need to be dependent on some other foreign root servers. This brings independence and a feeling of self-reliance in any region.

The second important impact it would make is in the field of cybersecurity. There is an ever growing number of cases of DDoS attacks. In this kind of attack a victim network is overwhelmed with a swarm of queries. If a region is dependent on some other foreign root server, it is easy to overwhelm them. However, a local root server gives an added resilience to all the networks around it.

The other partner hasn’t been chosen yet, but we hope it’s Nigeria. Nigeria has been doing a lot in the field of internet connectivity for its people in recent times. You can read about them in our previous posts here. [1] [2] [3]

But it doesn’t matter, whoever is chosen is surely going to help and enhance the internet ecosystem in the continent. Let’s see who it is going to be.


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