HUMBL completes the rebranding with a new domain name

HUMBL is seeking to complete its rebranding with the acquisition of a new domain name. The blockchain company that was formerly known as HUMBLpay, has acquired the domain name

The company had its domain name shifted to orient to the new branding attempt. The domain name was earlier in use by the company. This domain name now redirects to the newly acquired domain name. 

A domain history lookup suggests that the domain name was updated on 21 April, 2022. The company said that the domain name will be launched in the second quarter of 2022. However, the domain name is active currently.

HUMBL is a Web3 company that provides its services to both consumers as well as enterprises. HUMBLHUMBL’s rebranding move is an attempt to establish the brand more prominently. There is an unsaid rule in branding that the shorter the name of the brand, the more valuable the brand. One of the prime reasons is the ease in learning and familiarity to shorter names as compared to larger ones.

Also, the term ‘pay’ generates a feel of a FinTech company. HUMBL wanted to move away from that caged perception of its brand. HUMBL is a more open, inclusive and acceptable brand name to go with.


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