House of Zana threatened by Zara

House of Zana is an independent boutique based in Darlington, UK. The company makes fashion apparels, with all of them being handmade. The boutique wanted to get their name registered, however they were about to face some problems. 

The registration of the trademark was been opposed by the multinational company, Zara. Zara has claimed that the mark ‘House of Zana’, which was being applied for, was conceptually identical to their brand. House of Zana also received a notice from Zara. The notice also iterates the same issue of the applied name being confusingly similar and demands that House of Zara drop the name and terminate all related branding. Zara has begun legal action against the indie company, with the claim that House of Zana could potentially destroy Zara. 

Although there might be the presence of a little similarity between the names ‘Zara’ and ‘Zana’, it can be contested that the addition of ‘House of’ before ‘Zana’ attributes it with a kind of uniqueness and distinctiveness. This separates it from the Zara mark. The matter is inside the Court and they would be able to aptly determine if Zara is right or not in its position. 

But from a third party perspective, this does look unfair towards House of Zana. Zara is a MNC. The scope of a boutique based somewhere in the UK to be able to destroy a brand like Zara, can be considered too far-fetched, if not absolutely atrocious. 

The owner of House of Zara appears unperturbed and is looking to fight for her Company and name.


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