Highlights from Sedo and InternetX’s Global Domain Report

InternetX and Sedo have jointly released the Global Domain Report. The report gives a figurative assessment of the performance of the domain name industry in 2021.

The .com TLD maintained its dominance in the previous year. There were approximately 364.6 million domain names registered across all TLDs at the end of 2021. Out of this, 158.6 million domain names belong to .com. This constitutes about 43% of all registered domain names. .com is followed by .tk, .de, .cn, .net, .uk, .ga, .org, .nl and .ru at the successive places in terms of number of registered domain names. It must be noted here that the high .tk registrations are caused because of a 1 year free registration policy.

On a growth basis, .com is still going strong at the rate of 4.5%. .tk, the extension at the second place in terms of registration, reported a 0% increase in the year. As explained above, .tk domains skyrocketed because of free registrations. Once the free registrations stopped, the net registration of that TLD also plateaued. Over the year growth is topped by .ga. The ccTLD of Gambia witnessed a jump of 56.9%. Again, due to free registrations.

The most important highlight, however, could be the drop of .cn extension registrations. The Chinese TLD experienced a steep fall of 38.9% over the year. The reason attributed to this fall is the low renewal rates of Corona related domain names. The rise of other TLDs also had an adverse impact on the .cn TLD. 

Among ccTLDs, .tk topped the list with a 15.7% net market share. It is followed by .de, .cn, .uk, .ga, .nl, .cf, .ml, .ru and .br at the respective successive places. The top 20 list features European countries frequently. This implies the popularity of ccTLDs in the European Continent. On other parts of the Globe, legacy TLDs like .com still hold the sway. 

The report also features popular ccTLDs in different parts of the Globe. It discusses other different types of TLDs such as gTLDs, the new gTLDs, the city TLDs and Corporate domains. These aspects along with the blockchain domains are also discussed in the reports. These will be discussed in detail in further posts. 

However, if you want to read all about the report you can read the original copy here.


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