Highlights from Sedo and InternetX’s Global Domain Report


InternetX and Sedo have jointly released the Global Domain Report. The report gives a figurative assessment of the performance of the domain name industry in 2021. The .com TLD maintained its dominance in the previous year. There were approximately 364.6 million domain names registered across all TLDs at the end of 2021. Out of this, 158.6 million domain names belong to .com. This constitutes...

OpenSea.com up for sale?


Sedo is conducting its GreatDomains Auction. There are a multitude of great domain names available to bid upon, but one domain name is just unbelievable to see. Yes, the domain name OpenSea.com, is up for auction!  OpenSea is an NFT buying and selling platform. And it is not just a NFT platform, it is the NFT platform. With a 35% market share, it is the biggest player in the industry right...

Special Auction For 100+ .CO Domains On Sedo


Sedo, one of the leading domain marketplaces, today revealed a one of its kind ‘No Reserve’ auction for .co domains, an event with mostly English keyword domains from July 23 to July 30, 2020. It is holding the auction to commemorate .co’s ten-year anniversary. It was on July 20, 2010 that the TLD was opened for the general public to register, as it’s also the ccTLD for Colombia. The hundred and...

Communism.com, Stolen and Sold


Communism.com was stolen claims the online public campaign posted at Communism.org. According to it, “The communism.com domain has been hijacked, it appears, by means of identity theft”. The claimant also wrote that, “I was also the custodian (of Communism.com)”. In a long post the claimant also alleges that other domains: Struggle.net and pix.org were also stolen from her/him. She/He said...

Vodka.net And Other Great Auctions Ending Today at SEDO


Sedo is currently holding a week long auction for some hand curated domains named Great Domains from September 21st-28th. This auction, ending today, includes selected domains that are set to entice domain traders from all over the globe and you could be the one to get your hands on some of these. A lot of these 27 domains are single letter and LLL.com domains. Here are the 9 domains from the...

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