Hero Electric vs. Hero Electro

A recent case of an interesting domain name dispute came across the Delhi High Court. The plaintiff was the renowned vehicle manufacturing firm Hero Electric and the respondent was a domain name holder. 

The domain name in question here was HeroElectro.in. The company argued that it owns the trademarks of the terms ‘Hero’ and ‘Hero Electric’. It even has used these terms in more than 50 countries where it currently functions. The domain name was very similar to the company’s trademarks as well as the domain name, HeroElectric.in

Not only that, the website at HeroElectro.in was the exact copy of HeroElectric.in. It used the same fonts, colours and stylings. It then sought dealership enquiries of electric vehicles from this domain name. This was clearly a scam trying to make people believe that it was HeroElectric.in, when in actuality it wasn’t.

The Court has ordered to stop the functioning of the domain name HeroElectro.in. The domain name is unavailable since then.
Hero and Hero Electric are one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers hailing from India. The company manufactures in several different countries and has several different domain names along with it. It primarily functions on the domain name HeroMotoCorp.com.


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