Headlights.com acquired by HeadlightsDepot.com


HeadlightsDepot.com has acquired the domain name Headlights.com. The premium was earlier owned by Vertical Axis, parked at Uniregistry.

HeadlightsDepot.com had been trying to get the domain name since a long time. They started pursuing the domain name in 2010 but the deal was finalized only in 2019. The owners as well as customers, are very excited about the acquisition. Almost everyone used to call them Headlights, so getting the domain name rightfully makes them all very happy.

CEO Jay Tannenbaum had very insightful comment on this deal. He said, “For us, having the premium domain Headlights.com is the modern-day equivalent of opening a storefront on 5th Avenue. It promotes both awareness and trust.”

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