GoDaddy’s founder goes through medical LSD treatment

Mental health is one of the most serious issues of current times. Fluctuations in the global markets and several once-in-a-lifetime crises, has affected the working populace severely. 

GoDaddy’s founder and former CEO Bob Parsons is among the individuals who have been struggling with mental health issues. Bob went to the Vietnam War and since coming back has been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . So much so, that Bob termed his extraordinarily hard working routine to be a mechanism for coping with PTSD. 

In recent times, studies on psychedelics like LSD, MDMA, etc. as to their effects on the brain and could this be used for treatment of mental health problems has been going on. The research is quite controversial as a majority of people and most governments are against any association with ‘Drugs’. 

Bob, however, claims he went to a week-long therapy session that included medical usage of different psychedelics which included LSD. Bob reacted positively about the therapy, going on claiming that it changed him. 

Bob has since then associated with researchers and also has been providing them with funding, for demonstrating the effectiveness of psychedelics in treatment of PTSD. The proposed novel treatment theory contests that the usual treatment of PTSD is to provide antidepressants. This might provide short term relief, but in the long term, the trauma would remain buried and untouched. The new treatment seeks to surface the deep buried traumatic memories and tries to consolidate and come at peace with them. 

Bob sold most of his shares in GoDaddy and received around $2 billion in return. Bob currently owns 12 companies.


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