posts 300% growth in Q3 is an upcoming online sports betting platform. The company recently released its Q3 earnings figures and the results have the whole industry, even outside the gambling arena, mesmerized. 

The company in Q3 posted a revenue of $19.6 million. When compared to the Q3 in 2021, on a year-over-year basis, the gambling platform grew by an astounding 94%. In Q3 2021, had posted a figure of $10.1 million. Among the total revenue of $19.6 in Q3, $9.1 million came from North American market. On an year-over-year basis, this growth is a whopping 300%!

This growth is even more prominent when the economic situation of the current times is considered. Rising inflation and interest rates has kept the market in speculation about a possible impending recession. There had also been calls of gambling market being saturated, as there were just too many companies in the sector. However, has endured all these factors and still presented astounding figures. How were they able to do that?

The answer behind this growth is the mature and gradual approach of the company towards the US market. Unlike many other gambling platforms, didn’t just open its platform for the whole world in the greed of a larger consumer base. Instead the company followed a more nuanced approach where they focussed on the American market, state by state.

The company had a very successful stint in Arizona at the beginning of the year. The company launched their platform in Kansas ahead of the NFL. The expansion in the state was aided by premium domain name acquisitions such as, and Maryland has been chosen as the company’s major focus in Q4. However, New York City is also a potent candidate for future endeavors.

It’s interesting how complements its growth with the proper utilization of domain names. In Kansas, the company got hold of strategically important domain names. The company also owns premium domain name It also controls and

Although the market has been defensive worldwide, people at are hopeful. They expect the betting industry to be particularly resistant to the global economic headwinds.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake Group Limited (Nasdaq: GAMB) is a multi-award-winning performance marketing company and a leading provider of digital marketing services active in the online gambling industry. Founded in 2006, Group operates from offices in the United States, Ireland and Malta. Through its proprietary technology platform, Group publishes a portfolio of premier branded websites including, and As of October 31, 2022, Group owns and operates more than 50 websites in seven languages across 15 national markets covering all aspects of the online gambling industry, including iGaming and sports betting, and the fantasy sports industry.

  2. It’s incredible to see what the internet has done for the world of gambling and sports betting. For most of us that didn’t live near a casino, we were limited to only being able to gamble when we made a special trip, which took hours (sometimes further) to the closest casino. This cost time, money, and turned what should be a fun and enjoyable pastime into a chore. The internet and the world of domaining has changed everything

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