From Cake to Havas Play: Rosie Holden Takes the Wheel, Unleashing Revolutionary Brand Experiences and Passionate Engagement

Havas, the renowned global communications company, has recently introduced its latest venture, Havas Play, into the UK market. Havas Play aims to create meaningful experiences that place brands at the core of people’s passions, redefining the way brands engage with their audiences. This exciting development comes as Cake, a prominent UK creative agency specializing in sport and culture, merges with JUMP, Havas Media Network UK’s content and partnerships division, to form a dynamic new agency under the leadership of the newly appointed president, Rosie Holden.

Unveiling Havas Play UK: A Gateway to Passion-Driven Experiences

Havas Play UK emerges on the heels of the global network’s launch announcement in March 2023. Rooted in the belief that activating consumer passions leads to more profound engagement, Havas Play consolidates Havas’ extensive expertise in music, sports, culture, and other forms of fan activation under one unified brand.

With a team of over 100 market-leading specialists, Havas Play UK boasts expertise across various domains, including strategy, ideation, activation, production, project management, and distribution. As part of an expanded leadership team, Havas Play provides clients with an integrated offering encompassing partnerships, influencer marketing, sponsorship and rights holder activation, experiential marketing, content creation, and branded experiences.

Leveraging the Power of Vivendi: The Ultimate Entertainment Advantage

Havas Play also leverages the unique advantages of being a part of Vivendi, a global leader in entertainment. This affiliation allows Havas Play to offer clients a proprietary approach to data and measurement across brand experiences. By combining the forces of creativity and entertainment, Havas Play creates unforgettable experiences that resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

The Evolution of Cake and Rosie Holden’s Rise to Presidency

Cake, founded in 1998 by Mark Whelan, Havas UK’s chairperson, has a storied history of groundbreaking work, from saving Brockwell Lido with Evian’s support to wrapping the UK’s most accident-prone street in bubble wrap for Now, as Cake merges with JUMP to form Havas Play, the agency enters a new chapter with Rosie Holden at the helm.

Rosie Holden, previously CEO of Cake, brings over 20 years of experience in agency and in-house roles, working with renowned brands such as Vans, adidas, Reebok, Diageo, and PlayStation. Under Holden’s leadership, Cake has more than doubled its headcount while maintaining impressive profitability. The agency has earned accolades, including ‘Campaign’s Best Places to Work’ for two consecutive years and ‘Agency of the Year’ at the prestigious Sport Business Awards. Holden’s remarkable achievements led to her inclusion in PRWeek UK’s Power Book 2023, recognizing her as one of the most influential communications professionals in the UK today.

Network with a Local Presence

Havas Play is not limited to the UK market alone. It is a global network with headquarters in Paris and a presence in 17 markets worldwide, including Australia, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Spain, Italy, China, Germany, and Mexico. Guiding the global brand stewardship and facilitating access to key specialists in creative and media groups is Greg James, Havas Media Network’s Global Chief Transformation Officer and the global chair of Havas Play.

The Future of Brand Experiences Begins with Havas Play

Havas Play’s entry into the UK market marks a significant milestone in the evolution of brand experiences. By fusing the expertise of Cake and JUMP, Havas Play presents a transformative approach to engaging consumers through their passions. The integration of creativity, entertainment, and data measurement, alongside the support of Vivendi, ensures that Havas Play is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the way brands connect with audiences.

As Havas Play UK sets out to deliver remarkable and engaging experiences, Rosie Holden’s leadership will guide the agency to new heights. Holden’s outstanding achievements at Cake, her industry recognition, and her passion for creating work that resonates on a grand scale make her the ideal president for Havas Play UK.

The future looks bright for Havas Play, as it brings brands to the forefront of people’s passions and delivers unforgettable experiences. With its unique blend of creativity, expertise, and global reach, Havas Play is set to shape the future of branding, making every interaction with consumers an opportunity to inspire, entertain, and connect.

So get ready to play with Havas Play and experience the magic of brand engagement like never before. Let the games begin!


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