From Alpha Energy to Truleum: A Rebranding Story for the Petroleum Industry

In a surprising move, Alpha Energy, Inc. (OTC Markets: APHE) has announced its decision to undergo a transformative rebranding. The company will now be known as Truleum, Inc., a name that better encapsulates its mission of revitalizing the oil and gas industry. This change not only represents a significant milestone for the company but also signals a renewed commitment to restoring trust and hope in a sector that has faced numerous challenges. Let’s dive into Truleum’s rebranding journey and explore the potential impact of this name change.

A Fresh Start with Truleum:

Truleum‘s decision to rebrand comes at a crucial time when the petroleum industry seeks to redefine its purpose. The name change reflects a forward-thinking approach to addressing the economic viability of the oil and gas sector. By bidding farewell to the old name and embracing the new identity, Truleum aims to communicate its core values and unwavering dedication to positive change.

Jay Leaver, President of Truleum, Inc., expressed his enthusiasm about the rebranding initiative. He stated, “Truleum’s name and symbol change mark a significant milestone in our company’s journey. We are thrilled to embrace this new identity, as it accurately represents our core values and unwavering commitment to restoring the economic viability of the oil and gas industry to the American heartland.”

The Power of a Name:

A name holds tremendous power. It is the first impression a company makes on its stakeholders and the public. Truleum carefully selected its new name to reflect its mission. The combination of “true” and “petroleum” in Truleum represents the company’s dedication to transparency, honesty, and authenticity. By incorporating these values into its name, Truleum aims to rebuild trust and reshape perceptions about the petroleum industry.

Revitalizing Abandoned Wellbores:

Truleum’s primary focus lies in acquiring and developing abandoned wellbores. Armed with advanced technologies and expertise, the company aims to breathe new life into these disregarded assets. By reviving these wellbores and making them economically viable, Truleum aspires to create a positive impact on the oil and gas industry. Through its efforts, the company aims to contribute to the economic stability of the American heartland.

Rebranding for Positive Change:

The rebranding of Truleum signifies more than just a name change; it represents the catalyst for positive change within the petroleum industry. By actively engaging in revitalization efforts, Truleum seeks to rewrite the narrative surrounding the oil and gas sector. With its unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible practices, Truleum aims to set new industry standards.

Embracing a New Trading Symbol:

Alongside the name change, Truleum is proud to announce the approval of its new trading symbol, TRLM, by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Effective July 7, 2023, Truleum’s common stock will trade under this new symbol. The rebranding encompasses all aspects of the company, reaffirming its commitment to growth and transformation.

Continuing the Journey:

Truleum’s rebranding is not an endpoint but a stepping stone in its journey of positive change. The company’s commitment to restoring trust and hope in the petroleum industry remains unwavering. As it moves forward, Truleum invites stakeholders to join them in their mission to create a sustainable and economically viable future for the oil and gas sector.

To learn more about Truleum and stay updated on their progress, visit their official website here.

Truleum’s decision to rebrand reflects a bold commitment to transform the petroleum industry and restore trust and hope. The name change and new trading symbol mark a significant milestone in the company’s journey toward revitalizing abandoned wellbores and reshaping the industry’s narrative. With its dedication to transparency, authenticity, and responsible practices, Truleum aims to set a new standard for the oil and gas sector. As stakeholders embark on this transformative journey, they have the opportunity to witness firsthand the positive impact Truleum can bring to the American heartland and the petroleum industry as a whole.


  1. Richard Wilson Avatar
    Richard Wilson

    Alpha Energy, Inc. (OTC Markets: APHE) is undergoing a big transformation by rebranding itself as Truleum, Inc. This new name perfectly captures the company’s mission of revitalizing the oil and gas industry. It’s a major milestone for Truleum and shows their dedication to bringing trust and hope back to an industry that has faced its fair share of difficulties. The journey of their rebranding is full of promise, and this name change is expected to make a significant impact. Get ready to witness Truleum’s inspiring journey as they strive to make a positive difference in the oil and gas sector.

  2. Mark Beck Avatar
    Mark Beck

    The new name, Truleum, Inc., encapsulates their mission to revitalize the sector and signals a renewed focus on restoring trust and hope. This significant milestone not only highlights the company’s determination but also emphasizes the challenges faced by the industry. It will be fascinating to witness Truleum’s journey and assess the potential impact of this rebranding on their future endeavors. Kudos to Truleum, Inc. for taking this leap and paving the way for positive change in the oil and gas sector.

  3. amelia white Avatar
    amelia white

    The oil and gas industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, ranging from environmental concerns to the need for sustainable energy solutions. Truleum’s rebranding not only acknowledges these challenges but also demonstrates their commitment to address them head-on. It shows their determination to bring about positive change and create a more sustainable and responsible future for the industry.

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