French President’s rendezvous with the domain name

In a previous post we talked about the battle between the French President and a domain name. A cartoon publisher who had started the domain name was up against the President and his party. Both of them were contesting for the domain name After a legal battle, the French President has now finally won the domain name.

The news came out with an update on the website at The website now shows a message with the heading ‘Bye bye En Marche 2022’. In the long message the publisher presents his resentment at the loss of the domain name. It was contested that the President and his party chose a paid procedure (legal action) to get the domain name for free. They could have just given the money to the publisher and would have had the domain name instead. It was also said that the legal battle was an unfair one, similar to the fight between a Clay Pot and an Iron Pot. 

The publisher here is Ant Editions. The domain name hasn’t been transferred yet it appears. But it will be soon. It’s the election year in France. The French President needs the domain name for his electoral campaigns. Although, the domain name could have been transferred without the aid of legal action too. With the friction going on between Ukraine and Russia, Mr Macron has a lot on his plate right now. Let’s see whether En Marche in 2022 happens, or not!


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