Who will win between French President Emmanuel Macron and a domain name?

The French President, Emmanuel Macron is all prepared for his election due this year. He and his party La République En Marche!, are working and preparing for the best outcomes. However, this domain name stands in their way.

This all starts with cartoons. France and cartoons have a way of going together, in whatever way they may be. Allan Barte is a cartoonist who drew Macron’s cartoon, often being critical about him. He was in fact very popular and his publisher started publishing his works in volumes. And it’s here, when the publisher booked and started the domain name EnMarche2022.fr.

En Marche is an often used shorter form of the party’s full name of  La République En Marche!. The party has entered into a legal battle over the domain name. The party claims it wanted the domain name for electoral promotion. It also claimed that domain name is currently being used to affect the president’s image in a negative way.

Several sections of the media are not happy with this move. They cite this case as an example of censorship.

Read about the case in detail, here.


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