Fraudsters registering Covid test kit domain names

In January, the US Government under President Biden launched a new service of postal delivery of Covid Test kits. People could order their free test kits through domain name Another domain name related to US Postal Services, was also promoted where people can order their kits.

However, one month after this welfare step, several cases of fraud domain names started coming up. Several domain names started coming up that had names very similar to those released by the Federal Government. In a report by Bloomberg, Area 1 Security Inc. has claimed 60 related domain names were registered in just a week after the launch.

The domain names that have been registered are,,, etc. These similar domain names have been registered for one purpose. To deflect the high traffic on the original government domain names. Because of the similarity many will fall prey for these imposter domain names. Fraudsters operating these domain names can then begin their Phishing.

The Corona pandemic is not over yet. Getting vaccinated is one of our best weapons against it. The US Federal Government has taken a very noble step by ordering 1 Billion Covid test kits. However, while availing these benefits we should also be aware of the scamsters lurking. So, our advice to you is to wear a mask and look for the domain name!


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