Fraud .uk websites get PIPCU’s landing page

As of 26/11/2020

Nominet, the registry for .uk domains, has been fighting a hard battle against fraudulent websites. The problem intensified after the Corona outbreak where a swarm of malicious websites came at its disposal. The British registry has now joined hands with London’s police in this fight.

Nominet along with PIPCU (Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) have introduced law enforcement landing pages for domain names suspended for criminal activities. Whenever someone clicks on these websites they are redirected to a page titled ‘Domain Suspended’ and below it is written ‘This domain has been suspended on advice from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). If you have been affected by activity associated with the suspended domain please contact Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and internet crime.’ This is followed by a link to Action Fraud: .

Landing Pages are just like normal web pages, but with a focussed intent. Nominet, along with London Police, is helping people to be aware of online scammers. Since, 2014 around 100 thousand .uk domain names have been suspended because of criminal activities. The Corona epidemic made the situation even worse. The registry has suspended 600 Corona related domains just by April this year. The figure definitely rose thereafter. 

From scrutinising domain names to using AI, Nominet has done it all. But it looks like though, that just as us, Police is the last resort for Nominet as well!


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