Far left members use domain name to harass Supreme Court judges

The United States’ political scenario is more divided than it has ever been. People’s political awareness has increased and this causes people to make extravagant displays of affection towards their preferred ideology and a similar amount of hatred and contempt towards the other ideology. 

The far left politics has continued its over the borderline attacks on Institutions and people that they don’t agree with. The recent addition to the extremist ideology is an group called ‘Ruth Sent Us’. 

The platform operated through the domain name RuthSent.Us. Along with the domain name the organization spreads its propaganda through several social media handles that includes TikTok, Instagram, Facebook (while simultaneously also calling Facebook evil) and Twitter. 

The group has since long supported one of the Democratic Representatives named Maxine Waters’. During President Trump’s office, Waters made controversial calls to harass The President’s officials. The group supported this harassment drive and even branded supporters of Trump as Nazis. 

Now, however, they have stepped beyond mere allegations. Few days ago, they leaked the addresses of Supreme Court judges they don’t agree with. The registrant of the domain name RuthSent.Us has also personally engaged and supported harassment of Conservative affiliates. The map showing locations was later removed, citing Google policy violations. 

The far left situation has deteriorated severely in the past few years. The intolerance towards the Conservative faction has not only grown, but has taken the shape of an ideological enmity. 

The pillar of democracy is based on the principles of dialogues and debates. While these are essential tools to exercise one’s right one should also accept the due responsibilities associated with it. The conversation shouldn’t be towards finding the guy to blame and maim, but rather to reach at the root of the problem and remove it completely.


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