Everex.com Auction ends at over $50,000 on NameJet

Amidst intense drama and crazy bidding action, the domain name auction for Everex.com ended at $50,205 on NameJet.com a few hours ago. The auction closed almost an hour later than scheduled time because of repeated extensions which resulted from bids being placed in last few seconds of closure.

Bidder ID “bidomain” won the auction, with “godreamworld” being the second highest bidder. Other folks who placed bids over $10,000 were “execute”, “anubhavit” and “yeviko”.

Here is the bidder summary:

Now, there is only one significant end user for the domain – Everex.IO, the Ethereum-focused startup that has raised $26 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) to develop microfinance and remittance services.

Based on the bidding activity and patterns, it seems that everybody was buying it to sell to Everex.io.

The question now is, what would the winning bidder do with the domain? It might be a tough nut to sell it for 6 figures to Everex.io anytime soon.

The ICO-financed startup will have to buy the name sure, but if that doesn’t happen soon, the winning bidder’s money is tied up.


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