End of TMCH Sunshine Period for .kids

A happy news for us all. There’s a new TLD among us. It brings added joy for us to know that an extension only for kids and kids specific platforms, .kids has been launched.

The extension hasn’t been launched to the general public yet, but soon will. The extension had been kept open only for Trademark Holders until now. Initially during the launch of any new extension, a Sunshine Period is allotted to the trademark holders, where they can avail their trademarked domain names. This period for .kids started on 11th August, 2022 but will end on 14th of September. 

Post this the domains would be allotted to a Community Sunshine Period. In this period, the domain name would be available only for children specific non-profit organizations and charities. This period will extend from 20th September to 19th October.

After that it will be allotted under a .KIDS Pioneer Program which extends from 19th October to 29th November. In this program candidates, with potential for welfare of children and .kids domain space, would be selected and allotted domains.

After 29th November, the domains would be available for the general public. This extension provides a unique opportunity for the growth of children’s specific content. There is a lot more that could be done to simplify the methods of learning through the use of the internet, than it has been done. This extension could be the doorway of opportunity to all entities working in that direction.

You can read about .kids in detail here


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