Domain names of two Mayoral candidates point to a third candidate

The City of Auckland is gearing up for its next Mayoral election. City’s incumbent Mayor Phil Goff, is a two time electee, and is not seeking re-election. The Kiwi city is looking for a new face. However, a peculiar incident has occurred. Two of the city’s mayoral candidates’ domain names are redirecting to a third rival candidate! 

Efeso Collins and Craig Lord are the candidates vying for the city’s top administerial position. However, their respective domain names, i.e., and point to the domain name Leo Molloy is another candidate hustling for the Mayoralty of Auckland.

Interestingly when queried about the domain name Mr. Molloy responded that he was unaware of any such domain name. He lightheartedly claimed that he was an old fellow with very limited knowledge of the technological world and this was something that was beyond his limited tech capabilities.

We did a WhoIs search to get to the bottom of the issue. The results do indicate towards someone with a humorous intent behind this. The registrant name for the domain was stated to be Leo Molloy. The same for, was stated as ‘Craig who’. This is important as ‘Craig Who’ was a known dig that Molloy’s campaign had been taking against Craig Lord. The registrant for was also Leo Molloy.

Although, it can’t be clearly claimed that Mr. Molloy is behind these domain name redirections. It will also be too far-fetched to say that Mr. Molloy is completely unrelated to these domain names. The Auckland City Council has also stated the move as the one that cannot be termed an ethical one. At the same time the Council also claimed that these registrations cannot be also labeled ‘illegal’ and were beyond their jurisdictions.


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