Domain Names and Kanye’s Presidential Campaign

It’s been almost 2 years since Kanye ran for presidency. Kanye’s bid to redo the Trump phenomenon didn’t end well for the rapper. However, there are some other untouched aspects of the campaign, hints of which can be found in domain names. 

Kanye’s campaign was largely considered bipartisan. However, certain findings point otherwise. Kanye’s campaign got the neutral status primarily because of it’s involvement with the firm: Millennial Strategies,a pro-democratic entity. Kanye paid the firm in millions of dollars. 

However, there was another firm of which Kanye took help. It was one, Mercury Public Affairs. This firm although claims to be Bipartisan, has strong Republican ties in reality. Kanye didn’t pay any money to Mercury, however insiders say that Mercury was deeply involved in this campaign. So much that Millenial was sometimes mistaken for a shell organization of Mercury’s.

Kanye’s election campaign headed through the domain name The domain name was registered by Politxt which is a subsidiary of Politech LLC. Politech is owned by Ted Anastasiou, who also happens to be a SVP at Mercury. Another domain name related to the campaign was This domain name went even further as the domain name was registered by Anastasiou himself. 

This clearly shows the red coloured campaign of Kanye. What do you think, was Kanye’s Presidential Run a Bipartisan one? Answer us in the comments.

Hat Tip: The Daily Beast


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