Dialmytrip’s Dilemma: MakeMyTrip’s Name Defense Holds Strong

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When it comes to online travel, names matter. A recent legal showdown between industry giants MakeMyTrip and Dialmytrip highlights the significance of brand identity in the digital realm. MakeMyTrip, a familiar name in the online travel business, raised concerns over the strikingly similar moniker of its competitor, Dialmytrip. The Delhi High Court weighed in on the matter, issuing a restraining order that could reshape the narrative of these companies’ online presence.

The Duel of the Names:

In this corner, we have MakeMyTrip, a pioneer in the online travel space. On the opposite side, Dialmytrip, a company that ventured beyond its initial focus on financial services. The bone of contention? The court found the names to be “confusingly similar,” particularly in the context of the bustling online travel business. Dialmytrip, despite its reassurances that travel services constituted a mere 0.8% of its turnover, found itself restrained from using its name and related domain addresses for travel-related endeavors.

Behind the Scenes: The Timeline Unraveled:

The clash began when Dialmytrip, in a strategic move in March 2020, applied for the trademark ‘DMT (Your Business Buddy).’ It wasn’t until May 2023 that MakeMyTrip caught wind of its competitor’s expanding portfolio and promptly issued a cease and desist letter. Dialmytrip, however, asserted its primary involvement in banking, insurance, and investment services since 2015, downplaying the significance of its foray into the travel arena.

The court acknowledged Dialmytrip’s diverse business portfolio but was resolute in its concern that the names might lead consumers to perceive Dialmytrip as an extension of MakeMyTrip, potentially causing “irreparable loss” to the established industry player. In a nuanced decision, the court deferred a detailed examination to a later date, marking March 22, 2024, as the next battleground for these names.

Trademark Turf Wars: A Familiar Tune for MakeMyTrip:

This isn’t MakeMyTrip’s first rodeo in the trademark arena. Previously, the company locked horns with EaseMyTrip over trademark infringement. In 2022, the Delhi High Court directed major players, Booking.com and Google, to refrain from using MakeMyTrip’s trademarked words as keywords, showcasing the ongoing battle for brand protection in the tech landscape.

The Broader Landscape: Trademark Troubles in Tech:

The MakeMyTrip-Dialmytrip saga isn’t isolated. In the ever-evolving world of tech and trademarks, clashes over brand names and identities are becoming commonplace. Zomato’s Blinkit faced off with Blinkhit, and Policybazaar sought to prevent Coverfox and Acko from using identical keywords on Google’s AdWords Program. The digital frontier is increasingly becoming a legal battleground where names aren’t just names; they’re assets, guarded fiercely by companies navigating the intricate web of intellectual property.


In a world where a name can make or break a brand, the MakeMyTrip-Dialmytrip clash serves as a reminder of the stakes involved in the trademark game. As the legal drama unfolds, the tech industry braces for the impact on the way companies safeguard their online identities. In the domain of domain names, the battle for clarity and uniqueness is far from over. As consumers, we may soon find ourselves navigating the online travel space with a clearer understanding of the names that guide our digital journeys.



  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Looks like DialMyTrip is facing a tough time breaking through as MakeMyTrip’s brand stands strong. It’s a reminder of how competitive the travel industry is! DialMyTrip might need to come up with something really unique to make its mark in this crowded space.

  2. Zoe Martin Avatar

    The MakeMyTrip-Dialmytrip trademark clash highlights the high stakes in the branding game. This legal drama prompts the tech industry to rethink how companies protect their online identities. In the world of domain names, the pursuit of clarity and uniqueness continues. Consumers may soon navigate online travel with a clearer understanding of the names shaping their digital journeys.


    A brand’s name or domain name is perhaps the most crucial factor in determining its fate, especially for online businesses. MakeMyTrip has been successful in establishing itself well in the online travel business where DialMyTrip has somewhere failed.

  4. Amy Jones Avatar

    A brand’s success in the online realm hinges on its name. MakeMyTrip excels, thanks to strategic branding, while DialMyTrip falters, highlighting the crucial role a name plays in shaping an online business’s destiny.

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