Cygames hint at new game release via domain name and trademark registrations

Cygames is a Japanese Video games company. The company which has a 5% stake allotted to Nintendo is all geared up for the release of a new game. 

The company had registered the domain name The company had also filed for trademarks in Japan over the Akiba Maid War mark. On May 17th, the company was allotted the trademarks over the mark.

These developments assured that the gaming company had geared up for the launch of another game by the name of Akiba Maid War. Akiba is a slang term in Japanese for Akihabara style. It is district in Tokyo where hardcore anime, manga fans reside. Thus Akiba would refer to an obsessed anime, manga, video games fan. 

Cygames initially made games for phones. Later they switched over to Android and iOS. In 2015, the company entered the console gaming arena. The company as of now produces a wide range of content that includes design markets, manga and music.


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