Cybertruck’s specifications removed from

The pandemic halted our daily lives in a huge way. From our weekend dinners to pre planned vacations, everything was delayed. Global economy and manufacturing capabilities of MNCs weren’t so different either. And it looks like the company belonging to the world’s richest person was neither an exception. 

As reported by Car and Driver, the specifications of the eagerly awaited Cybertruck has been removed from the company’s official website: Although nothing official has been said regarding this, such actions, regarding one of the most prized products of the Electric vehicle company, is bound to raise suspicions. 

Opinions are that this step could lead to change in the specifications previously offered. The production process of the so-called ‘future truck‘ has already been delayed because of the pandemic. Considering the new time constraints, some adjustments were unavoidable. The dropping of the specifications could thus be linked with such a change. 

The widely popularised truck was unveiled way back in 2019. The truck drew very polarised views from the public, with some liking it and some really not. Nonetheless everyone was talking about it and was excited. But it looks like, pandemic has ‘discharged’ everyone’s excitement too! 


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