‘Clubhouse’ fight that you need to know about

As of 17/05/2021

Clubhouse fights always catch our attention, don’t they? Well, the fight that we are going to talk about is different than those with clenched fists. The fight is a legal one, over the name ‘Clubhouse‘. 

There is an audio-based social media app that goes by the name Clubhouse and is quite popular these days. Recently the company was valued at $ 4 Billion. Now it is being sued by a sports based company over the usage of the name. 

TheClubhouse‘, a social media platform for sports business professionals, is suing them over the usage of the name. They have trademark rights over the name, ‘TheClubhouse‘. Interestingly the voice chat app, even with valuation in billions, hasn’t even applied for trademark rights!

The complainant does have a case as it has registered the trademark before the respondent. However, it can also be an attempt to capitalise on the app’s recent success. The app is available on Android and iOS. It also has domain names Clubhouse.com and JoinClubhouse.com. On the other hand the sports company works on the domain clubhouse.sportsbusiness.solutions and has branded itself as ‘TheClubhouse‘. The domain name TheClubhouse.com belongs to a restaurant

Clubhouse app has been making a lot of news recently, thanks to Elon Musk and Bill Gates. In fact at the start of the year it had a brilliant start with its user base skyrocketing in February. However it has dipped down since then. 

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