Chain’s CEO acquires Patriots.eth


The Crypto industry is aggressively entering every nook and corner of modern businesses. The National Football League is no different. Recently, legislation was passed allowing teams to integrate with Blockchain companies. Post this, collaborations were initiated, starting with Dallas Cowboys and

Now, the New England Patriots have joined the party as well. The NFL’s New England Patriots and Major League Soccer’s New England Revolution both have signed a sponsorship deal with the crypto firm Chain. The deal revolves around providing a superior experience to the people at the Gillette Stadium, through deployment of Blockchain technology. It is the home ground of both the New England Patriots and New England Revolution.

Post the sponsorship deal, the CEO of Chain acquired the domain name Patriots.eth for 75 ETH ($99,321.75). CEO Deepak Thapliyal is a crypto enthusiast and has other .eth domains such Deepak.eth and Nerev.eth as well. He is also claimed to possess a Bored Yacht Ape Club and a Cryptofunk.

The deal hasn’t been signed between Chain and New England Patriots directly, but between Chain and Kraft Sports + Entertainment. The company is a part of the Kraft Group and had purchased the New England Patriots team in 1994. It is also one of the founding partners of the franchise. Before Chain, the company had integrated with which helped fans win prizes after answering a few questions.

By The Wizard

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