CentralNIC bags registry rights for .gl ccTLD

CentralNIC is on a high. The company is expecting a brilliant First Half of 2022 and now the company has signed yet another brilliant agreement. The London based company has signed an agreement with Tusass A/S. The agreement gives CentralNIC registry rights for the ccTLD of Greenland .gl.

Tusass A/S is one of the oldest and biggest telecommunications companies in Greenland. The company also manages the .gl ccTLD. The ccTLD gained traction when Google used one of its domain names, Goo.gl, to start a URL shortener. The domain name clearly has multiple usages that spread wider than the conventional domestic users of Greenland.

With the acquisition CentralNIC has acquired the ccTLD of both of Denmark’s autonomous territories, i.e., Faroe Islands and Greenland. Along with Greenland’s .gl, CentralNIC also has Faroe Islands’ .fo under its gambit. CentralNIC has a niche for association with ccTLDs. The list includes Slovakia (.sk), Bahrain (.bk), Federated States of Micronesia (.fm), Grenada (.gd), Guinea-Bissau (.gw), etc.

CentralNIC is expecting a spectacular year so far. The company has presented an estimated growth of 92% with figures reaching $335 million in the first half of 2022, as compared to $174.7 million shown in the previous year.

The company will soon release its actual figures of the first half of 2022. To remain updated on the news, keep following us!


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    A Country-Code Top-Level Domain provides a fantastic opportunity to present a nation’s online power and presence on a global digital stage. It is the natural focal point for citizens and businesses to engage in the development of a national online infrastructure and digital economy.

    Some of the ccTLDs CentralNic works with:
    .AM, .BH, .CX, .FM, .FO, .GD, .GL, .LA, .MY, .PW, .SA, .SK, .VG

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