Brooklyn Community Foundation Rebrands as “Brooklyn Org” with New Domain Name

In a bid to better serve the vibrant Brooklyn community and revamp its online presence, the Brooklyn Community Foundation has recently undergone a significant rebranding, complete with a new name and a snappy web address. This transformation reflects the foundation’s deep-rooted connection to the borough and its commitment to addressing the needs of the local community.

Goodbye, Brooklyn Community Foundation; Hello, Brooklyn Org

Formerly known as the Brooklyn Community Foundation, the organization has adopted the fresh moniker “Brooklyn Org.” This name change signals a shift in approach. Jocelynne Rainey, the President and CEO of Brooklyn Org, explained that they wanted to break away from the traditional notion of a “foundation” and move towards a more community-oriented identity.

“We are not a top-down philanthropy or foundation,” Rainey emphasized. “We make decisions based on what Brooklynites tell us are the needs in their communities.”

What’s in a Domain Name?

One of the most eye-catching changes is the acquisition of a new web address: The decision to purchase this domain name for $49,000 was not taken lightly. According to Rainey, the investment was worthwhile. The previous web address,, was a mouthful compared to the sleek and straightforward

In the digital age, brevity and simplicity rule, and Brooklyn Org is banking on its new web address to attract more visitors and increase its online visibility.

Empowering the Brooklyn Community

Brooklyn Org is not just about a new name and web address; it’s about empowering the Brooklyn community to play an active role in addressing local issues. The organization has consistently maintained that Brooklyn-based nonprofits often get overlooked in the larger scope of New York City philanthropy.

Despite Brooklyn’s growing wealth, the borough still faces its share of challenges, particularly related to poverty. Rainey stressed the organization’s commitment to serving the various communities within Brooklyn, including those in Bay Ridge and Cypress Hills.

Brooklyn Org: A Community Resource

The rebranding is aimed at encouraging Brooklyn residents to consider Brooklyn Org as a valuable resource. Rainey noted that people could contact 311, the city’s helpline, but the organization’s unique advantage is its knowledge of the local nonprofit landscape. They’re not only offering grants but also providing capacity-building support, assistance in identifying board members, and support for community events.

A Smart Domain Purchase

The foundation’s journey to securing the domain was an interesting one. A colleague noticed that the domain was available, but it came with a hefty $60,000 price tag. However, Brooklyn Org managed to negotiate and reduce the cost to $49,000.

In conclusion, the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s transformation into Brooklyn Org, coupled with its smart domain name purchase, represents a conscious effort to modernize and better align with the needs and opportunities of the Brooklyn community. This change is more than just a name; it’s about fostering community engagement and making a meaningful impact in Brooklyn’s diverse neighborhoods.



  1. William Bentick Avatar
    William Bentick

    $49,000 is a decent price.

  2. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The rebranding of the Brooklyn Community Foundation to ‘Brooklyn Org’ and the adoption of a new domain name are fantastic steps towards a more contemporary and accessible identity. This change reflects a dynamic and evolving approach to community engagement and support. Looking forward to seeing how ‘Brooklyn Org’ continues to make a positive impact in our community!

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