BritainThinks and WorldThinks have combined under the new branding of Thinks Insight & Strategy

The research firm BritainThinks and its subsidiary company WorldThinks have merged together and rebranded as Thinks Insight & Strategy. This means that the two companies have joined forces and will now operate as a single entity with a new name and branding. The domain names and now point to

It is likely that this merger was done in order to increase the size and capabilities of the company, as well as to create a more cohesive brand identity. As Thinks Insight & Strategy, the company will continue to offer research and strategy services to clients in the UK and beyond.

The Rebrand

The rebranding of BritainThinks and WorldThinks as Thinks Insight & Strategy includes not only a new name, but also a new logo, website, and social media handles. This suggests that the company is making a significant effort to establish a new, cohesive brand identity.

The fact that the company’s official registered name will remain CM Monitor (Britain Thinks) Limited for the time being suggests that the legal structure of the company may not have changed, and that this is simply a marketing rebrand.

According to the company, the new name and branding will better reflect the global nature of its business and the range of services it offers to clients. By creating a single point of contact with the business, the rebranding may also make it easier for clients to understand the full scope of the company’s capabilities.

Thinks Insight and Strategy

It’s interesting to learn that Thinks Insight & Strategy was established in 2010 and is majority owned by an employee ownership trust, as well as being a certified B-Corporation. Being a B-Corporation means that the company meets certain social and environmental standards, in addition to having a profitable business model.

It seems that the rebranding is an opportunity for Thinks Insight & Strategy to position itself as a global research and strategy firm that offers bespoke and strategically focused advice to clients. The fact that the company is employee-owned and has a growing international footprint suggests that it is committed to its employees and to expanding its reach beyond the UK.

The launch of a new behavioural practice also suggests that Thinks Insight & Strategy is expanding its range of services and capabilities, which may be another reason for the rebranding. Overall, it seems that the company is positioning itself for continued growth and success in the years to come.


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