.bh begins to accept registrations from the locals

Earlier we had reported about how the Kingdom of Bahrain has started a new registry for the .bh domain names. We have also informed you that from 2022 the domain names will be available to the locals. Under the joint cooperation of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA),  the extension is now open to the domestic market. 

A new local domain names reservation service has been launched. The service would be available at the domain name Mall.bh. There are different types of .bh domain names that can be registered. On the platform you can choose from different available categories such as Beauty and Personal Care, Food and Food Products, Clothes and Accessories, Jewelry, Department Stores, etc.  Along with .bh domain names, internationalized domain under .البحرين extension are also available.

Although the domain registrations are a little slow currently. This will come up in a gradual process of time. As the domain names become popular among the upcoming businesses of Bahrain the registrations will rise up. The .bh domain names need support from the local industries and Bahraini businesses operating worldwide.


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