Kingdom of Bahrain initiates .bh registry

The Globe of digital equality is expanding. We see cyberspace getting more and more inclusive as people from every corner of the globe embrace it. Today, we have another happy news from the Kingdom of Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain has started a new registry for the .bh domain. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority would be responsible for managing and regulating the TLD. The .bh extension is supposed to give a unique presence to Bahrain’s local industries and professionals

Along with the .bh another .البحرين would be available too. Initially the .البحرين domain names would be provided only to entities with existing  .bh domain names or with those having third level .bh domain names. Others can begin registering the Arabian extension after that. 

The .bh will be available only to trademark and copyright holders till 2021. From 2022, the domain names will be available to all the locals. Following this, people all around the world can access the .bh name

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