Belgium’s Jewish Parliamentarian registers Hamas domain name to prevent terrorist occupation

In an extraordinary move, Michael Freilich, the lone Jewish Member of Parliament in Belgium, took decisive action by securing the vacant internet domain during the turbulent times of October 2023. His intention was to prevent the domain from potentially falling into the hands of those who support the Hamas terrorist organization. This bold step sends a clear message and highlights the power of domain names in the digital age.

The Background

Amid escalating conflict in early October 2023 between Israel and Hamas, tensions ran high. Hamas initiated a massive rocket attack on major Israeli cities, prompting a swift and resolute response from the Israeli government. In the midst of this tumult, Michael Freilich recognized an opportunity to make a powerful statement.

Securing the Domain

When Freilich noticed that the domain was available for purchase, he acted swiftly. His goal was straightforward: to ensure that the domain would not be used to spread pro-Hamas propaganda or disinformation in Belgium. In a few simple clicks, he purchased the domain.

The Message

The redirection of the domain is both impactful and direct. Upon entering, users are now automatically directed to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) English-language website.  It’s a striking message that underscores the IDF’s mission and, in essence, delivers a clear warning: “Anyone who wants to support Hamas should know ‘Israel is coming for you’.

Belgium’s Unique Position

Belgium has found itself at the center of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel sentiment, with some politicians facing allegations of crossing into anti-Semitism. Freilich’s action stands out in this context, making the domain a symbol of the ongoing tensions and the resolute stance of certain individuals in the country.

The Broader Context

This unusual use of a domain name highlights the broader role and significance of domain names on the internet. Domain names, like, act as web addresses that grant users access to specific websites. Ordinarily, they are used for purposes such as establishing an online presence, promoting businesses, or sharing information. However, in this case, the acquisition and redirection of a domain serve as a striking example of the potential impact a simple web address can have in the digital realm.

The Power of a Domain Name

The story showcases the potency of domain names in the online world. A domain name is more than just a web address; it’s a tool for communication, a means of advancing causes, and, as seen here, a platform for delivering a strong and meaningful message.

Where the internet plays an integral role in our lives, domain names are the keys that open doors to websites, facilitating connections between individuals and organizations and their intended audiences. This unique case with underscores that domain names can be more than mere addresses; they can be instruments of expression and influence.


Michael Freilich’s acquisition and redirection of the domain to the IDF’s webpage is an unusual yet potent illustration of the role domain names play in the digital age. It conveys a resolute message in times of tension and spotlights the potential of a simple web address to be more than just a link—it can be a tool for expression and impact. It exemplifies how individuals can make their voices heard, even in the virtual world, taking a stand against those who promote harmful activities.



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