Australian political party registers opposition leader’s domain name

The political atmosphere in Australia is abuzz with Federal Elections scheduled in the present year. People from different political parties are doing whatever possible to increase the chances of their team. This includes promoting, talking and spreading your party’s message and intentions. However, this also involves countering opponents’ view points. 

Australian politics mainly revolves around two political coalitions: Australian Labor Party (ALP) and Liberal Party of Australia (LPA). The political alignment of ALP is Centre-Left while that of LPA is Centre-Right. Currently, the Prime Ministerial position is held by a LPA leader. Scott Morrison, is the leader of LPA as well as the Prime Minister of Australia. ALP is headed by Anthony Albanese. 

However, things took an interesting turn with the acquisition of a domain name. The domain name was registered by the Liberal National Party, one of the members of the LPA coalition. The domain name is registered under the name Sam Jackson.

You can clearly see why the LPA went for the domain name. The domain name contains the name of the opposition leader Anthony Albanese. The domain name could be used to land political assaults over the rival party. It could be used as a platform to tackle ALP’s arguments through a well placed and branded rebuttal.

The ALP is calling it a classic case of cybersquatting with LPA infringing upon the popularity of ALP’s leader. LPA, on the other hand, dropped the onus completely on ALP. LPA demanded as to why couldn’t ALP secure its domain name. Given the fact that the domain name directly points to the leader.

The domain name doesn’t resolve to a website (as of now). However, WhoIs history tells that the domain name is still registered with the Liberal National Party.


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